«The network made of cd`s, removed from the original context and exhibited as a sculptural object quite literally becomes a metaphor for the networks created among people through grassroot initiatives such as open air gallery. In this way the glittering cd-network-carpet is an art object charged with the constructive force of communityspirit».
CD-project «Monument to collective action» was conceived as a process of interaction, dialogue, to explore the
possibilities space. Creation installation based on the principles of participation art, which considers the viewer as a co-author and a fullfledged participant of the creative process. Monument collective action is revealed through the development of sociocultural code Kola mound. In the process of creating the installation studied the identity of an abandoned place that lost practical significance and became a utopian project. On the creation of a work of art curators worked not only, but also people interested in the development of the urban landscape.
Stakeholders such an unusual form of work with space, people not only brings disks, but also helped weave them, drilling, and helped to build a structure consisting of a pallet and attach it to the wheels. Participation in the project took voluntary organizations, the Centre of patriotic education, media and business. Value invasion of Kola mound is the CD-project created an occasion for collective associations of people (those who are trying to understand the nature of contemporary art, and those who set up quite critical). Monument, becoming the centre of attraction of love and hate, served as a pretext for separating meaning and gaining a more pure form, which will not be shortlived, existing in a passive state of the exhibition space.


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