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«A kilometre of elastic tape» an interactive installation made by Ekaterina Golubina during Varanger festival  in Vadsø, Norway, 10-14 August 2016. One thousand meters of neon pink elastic tape was stretched in a chaotic manner between two buildings. Referencing Duchamp’s A Mile of String, it was intertwined with salvaged objects from the now abandoned local fishing industries ranging from the individual fisherman and large scale factory. Part of the tape was installed in advance, the rest rolled into balls and left at the disposal for the public to interact with.

It was located on the main street in the town, next to the gallery, stretching from the church to the sea where earlier communist and other demonstrations had taken place.

This project question the relationship between the community and these historical elements within this chaotic and changing social structure of today.

The installation was one part of joint with Margarethe Pettersen project «Stories of  Time and Space». It was supported by BarentsKult, Kulturrådet (Arts Council Norway), Norske Kunstforeninger, Vadsø kunstforening, Varangerfestivalen and local community.

Thanks to everyone, who have been involved:
Jasmina Bosnjak, Monica Milch Gebhardt, Torjus Gassi Brevik, Alexander Shalavin, Margrethe Pettersen, Ottar Zahl Jonassen, Marit Reiersen, Randi Berit Sjølie, Gyrid Øyen, Kirsti Riesto, Odd.

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You can also read article written by Martin Palmer in Norwegian magazine «SE-Kunst Nord-Norge».


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