The Wave


Room one: The town of Kola

  • The eldest town in the Russian Arctic
  • Established in 1565, populated by Pomors.
  • Kola district attested in the Russian chronicles in 1264
  • Kola was the northernmost town of the Russian Empire
  • Kola population is 10 400 inhabitants
  • Kola is now 12 km south of Murmansk (est. in 1916, 307 000 inhabitants)
  • Close to the border with Western Europe
  • Norway and Finland – 3 hours by car


Description of the space and the materials.

Both installations have been built at the place where new constructions were planned in the year after Perestroika.
The original project has never been realized and remained a utopia. the place functioned as a witness of the dramatic changes in the russian history.
The produced art works reflect the nostalgic memories about the collectivist time and attempt to observe the individualist today.


The Wave

The installation was created out of the used windows of «Khruschevkas», collected by participants and taked from a demolished house in the neighborhood.
«Khruschevka» (the Khruschev housing) as an architectural project about rapid house construction to cover the urgent demands of the industrializing country. The small flats gave some privacy to the new generations of workers. Political and social discussions have been mostly held in the kitchens rather than in public space.
In these new private spaces people could express their individuality. Every window frame in the installation is shabby in a different way, has its own hues, details. These windows have been dividing private and public space in USSR in different political epochs. The private space is well-organized and taken care of, which is not necessarily the case with the public space after 1990s. How does it correspond with the today’s Russia?
The installation form is moving upwards and downwards and it’s construction reminds the wave form. There is no start and no end. It is put onto some unstable construction made of the new materials.

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Press about the prject:

1)From our window you can see the installation.

2) Art objects The Wave and The Pit have been constructed in the town of Kola.

3) On the wave of inspiration.

4) «The Red Wave» has been constructed on the river bank

5) In the Zapolyarje a massive art object is being constructed

6) Radio Murmanmedia on 25 September, 2014, part 1, length 47:10

7) An unusual object has been opened in the town of Kola

8) The town of Nikel can become an open air museum.


Organized by: Roxy Contmporary Art Centre, Murmansk

Translation: Ekaterina Sharova

Thanks to:

Ivan Dubrovsky
Roman Vasin
Kolya Uksus
Yaroslav Lukomskiy
Pavel Loskutov
Pavel Akimov

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