The Wave &The Pit

These art pieces were created to bridge the narratives of the contemporary and the historical within the city. It consists of two installations, The Wave and The Pit.

The Wave is the separate object, which is constructed from repurposed window frames from the Nikita Khrushchev’s period. The interactive installation The Pit is created from the foundations of buildings that were never completed.

The viewer is invited to enter and wander among these frameworks that offer no beginning or end; they exist between things, endlessly establishing connections.
By entering this space the spectator forms new narrative of public and private, past and present.

The duality of the time and the physical space is questioned in these two installations through the mixture of the materials, forms, colour and space. There is a nostalgic remembrance of the collectivism that will not be possible without the contemplation of the individuals today.

The aim of the creation of such art works is to create an experience within the aesthetics of the objects seen.
The project is the starting point for the creation of an open-air gallery in Murmansk and in the region.

To see about work, please open the subproject bellow The wave and The pit

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